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You are quite correct on both counts. Intelsat can drop Eagle or P3E off in
a GTO orbit but they will want $6M+ for the service, just like any other
launch opportunity. 

The Rideshare, where we stay permanently attached to an Intelsat satellite,
is basically a subset of Eagle and so is not a diversion of our energy or
resources. It may have all the features of Eagle or some subset depending on
what we can pay for, having to do mostly with the size and placement of our
NADR pointing surface (antenna farm). Intelsat has indicated that the Eagle
payloads are OK with them.

So the mission (P3, P4 or whatever) is determined by the willingness of
funding sources to pay for our launch and mission. The realization that we
are more likely to get funding for a P4 mission over a P3 mission is what
this is all about. Not politics or anything else that AMSAT leadership has
been accused of in the past few days.

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One of the possibilities I have not seen relayed well from the meetings to 
general knowledge is that it may be possible for Intelsat to attach Eagle to

one of their satellites, and drop us off in GTO on their way to GEO. This 
possibility alone is worth working this opportunity out to it's conclusion.

It has become very apparent to me that we will not fund a HEO solely on our 
current membership donations. Ever. We have to go for the outside funding 
Tom mentioned, and the best way to do that is a simple, tool-like 
application like a GEO, geared heavily towards EMCOMM. Too many of us have 
taken the wait and see approach when it comes to supporting a HEO project. 
The money has to come first, then the satellite gets built and launched, not

the other way around.

73, Drew KO4MA 

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