[amsat-bb] Time Hackers

Tom Clark, K3IO k3io at verizon.net
Wed Dec 12 15:10:03 PST 2007

Many of you know that I (along with others like W2GPS, N4HY, K8RQ, N8UR
etc) have long-standing interest in high-accuracy timekeeping
(especially involving GPS). You might find this WIRED article
Several of you know about Tom Van Baak (no call) and his time/clock
exploits; Tom has been a friend ever since he became interested in
atomic clocks. The article doesn't mention it, but Tom (who signs his
messages TvB) has TWO hydrogen maser clocks in his lab. Photos of the
clock labs at TvB and N8UR home QTHs, see the gallery at

In the article you will also find mention of John Ackerman (N8UR) in
Dayton. John has served as TAPR's president and has recently helped
TAPR/AMSAT in developing a GNU-like Open Source Hardware license.

For those of you interested in the topic, N8UR runs the "Time Nuts"
Email listserv. Details can be found at

73 & Seasons Greetings -- Tom

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