[amsat-bb] Phase 4 versus Eagle

tjjapha@earthlink.net tjjapha at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 12 13:22:20 PST 2007

Hi all,
A very interesting set of exchanges indeed.

I nearly fell out of my chair--and not because of old age--reading some of
Rick's comments, viz. Amsat will move ahead with Eagle IF WE SO DESIRE! 
Wow.  There has been a very significant change in direction that we have
not been informed of.  My understanding has been that Phase 4 (Intelsat)
would be pursued in tamdem with Eagle. This is much more than a change in

Please tell us directly: Has the Board made the judgment that Eagle can't
be done because of a lack of affordable launch opportunities? 

If that is the case, it's a great shame, but we'll have to accept it.  The
development work apparently can be exploited for Phase 4.

Given a choice between Eagle and Phase 4, my vote would go to Eagle.  But,
again, please tell us directly: Has the Board made the judgment that it is
highly unlikely we will have both?  If that is the case, then the Board
should spell out the likely costs of each, both development and launch
costs, and also spell out their current reading regarding the likelihood
that each can be launched, and WHEN.  With that information, the members
could inform the Board of their opinions.

A firm decision should be made, and, from the sound of some of the
exchanges here, made soon.  We need more information than we have if we are
to advise the Board of our choices.

Tony, N2UN, LM-183 

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