[amsat-bb] Re: Satellite user "comminities"

Bato, Andras bato at starjan.hu
Wed Dec 12 12:43:11 PST 2007

Dear Bob AE6RV,

There are a thirrd "sect" the one I belong to. We prefer to use cw and also prefer to meet telegraphers instead of members of "today's crowd".

I have just been calling on AO7 from AOS to LOS on SSB to help those who does not understand Morse-code.

I have got one only one taker G1WPR.  (Just take a look at AO7 log at planetemily.com)

It's a shame! Are there active stations in Canada and NE USA?

Formery I have met K3SZH only.

Then I swithched to VO52. You can hear devil of noise on that sat. Many deaf operators tuning up and down and calling without being able to pick up a callsign,etc.

It is almost the same experience I felt when we got permission to 6 m. There I met first operators who did not understand to keep a QSO short during an Es opening, started sending station details and the like.

I should say there must be a "communinty" of educated radio operators who understands to keep their QSO short -but can also find out when to have a "chat" during the often short DX openings -and first of all on satellites!

gl de ha6nn

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