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R.Haighton fhaighton at cogeco.ca
Wed Dec 12 06:29:48 PST 2007

I don't want any one individual to "engage the membership on the BB";  Just
to get the Executive (yes all of them) involved in getting the "message
At Pittsburgh this year we were introduced to the new member of the
executive whose duties included publicity  .... maybe I am missing something
but I have not seen any action. 
AMSAT needs the support of it's members and that includes the Financial
support in order to purchase parts, build satellites, pay bills, pay rent
etc etc, Being just a member and paying annual dues does not anyway near pay
for satellites or launches
73 Robin
Immediate Past President AMSAT

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I understand that you have always wanted me to engage the membership on the
BB but I just don't have time. I do it through the Journal, e-mails and
meetings. It's the best I can do for now.  

What really upsets me is how much the messages on the BB seem to be about
what these people (often not members) want for themselves. They are seldom
willing to do anything to make their dreams happen. Somehow it should be up
to "us." This is not the same attitude I get from people at meetings,
Hamfests and the Symposium. There the people are much more engaged and


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Rick Hambly Wrote......

With all due respect, I suggest that you may not be adequately informed. Did
you attend the Annual Symposium to find out what is really going on? Have
you visited the AMSAT Lab yet? Have you attended an AMSAT Board meeting or
written to the Board members to get more information? Do you read the
project reports in the Journal? If you think things are headed down the
wrong path then I recommend that you get informed and get personally
involved. I think you will find that some of your perceptions are correct
(very little is done yet) and some are not (the cart [is] before the horse).




AMSAT President

Rick one of the duties of the executive is to keep the membership informed,
not everyone can attend the Board Meetings or the Annual meeting and
Symposium or visit the Lab, Yes Fred May not be adequately informed but I
believe that is a function of the Executive " to ensure that all members
have the up-to-date information presented to them on a regular Basis. How
else can we expect the membership to contribute towards the AMSAT projects.

Robin Haighton VE3FRH
Immediate Past President AMSAT


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After receiving a mailing today from Amsat written by Richard Hambly.   I
find it imposable to keep quite any longer.   Has anyone heard of the
saying, putting the cart before the horse.   Amsat needs to finish at least
one of there present projects before moving on to what in the end may well
turn out to be a bunch of pipe dreams.   I am speaking of the Mars mission
and Geostationary packages.   One year ago I was told that Cubesat II would
be launched in the fall of 2007.   As far as I know very little is done yet.
Especially in the electronics end.   Don't get me wrong all these ideas are
great but lets get back to the basics and finish what we have started befor
taking on anything new or nothing  will get done.

Fred KF0AK 

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