[amsat-bb] Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle

jonny 290 jonny290 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 17:49:31 PST 2007

I guess as a new fan/operator of the satellites who is currently dumping 
a large percentage of his paycheck into a HEO ground station 
infrastructure, I have a few questions and figured here would be the 
place to ask, as I can't read German and the US AMSAT page just says 
it's "in construction."

Is there a physical Phase 3E satellite on the ground (meaning, has 
actual construction begun)? what is the physical status of the project?

And also, it seems as though there is a bit of panic/uncertainity 
regarding the ability to actually get it in orbit, from a monetary 
standpoint. Has the funding or budget requirements for this project 
ballooned that much? I read the explanation of launch prices and it 
makes perfect sense, but what were the launch prices when the project 
was initiated?

I mean, what happens if we can't afford to put it up? Is all the 
construction money wasted? What happens to the bird?

The geosynchronous bird sounds great at first, but I can see where 
politics would play into its funding and orbit selection, perhaps.

Don't get me wrong - the LEO sats are fun and a great challenge, and I 
enjoy every contact I manage to scare up, but HEO is what got me into 
birds in the first place, way back when.


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