[amsat-bb] Re: Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Rick Hambly (W2GPS) w2gps at cnssys.com
Tue Dec 11 13:21:42 PST 2007



I am confused by your comments. Nothing has changed in the past three years
except for the introduction of a possible P4 launch opportunity.


The Mars mission has been in the planning stages for years by AMSAT-DL and
would be funded by German government sources if it actually happens. It is
the main justification for the P3E mission and therefore is quite important
if you want to see P3E launched. 


The P4A (geostationary) mission is also referred to by some as "Eagle
light." That is because it is essentially the same as the Eagle project but
without all the hard stuff like rocket motor, fuel, tanks, plumbing, solar
panels, battery charge regulator, navigation sensors, etc. Given that it is
pretty much the same otherwise I wonder how this is a "pipe dream?" 


With all due respect, I suggest that you may not be adequately informed. Did
you attend the Annual Symposium to find out what is really going on? Have
you visited the AMSAT Lab yet? Have you attended an AMSAT Board meeting or
written to the Board members to get more information? Do you read the
project reports in the Journal? If you think things are headed down the
wrong path then I recommend that you get informed and get personally
involved. I think you will find that some of your perceptions are correct
(very little is done yet) and some are not (the cart [is] before the horse).




AMSAT President



From: Fred A Parker [mailto:fparker at paulbunyan.net] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 12:56 AM
To: amsat-bb; w2gps at amsat.org; Lou MC Fadin
Subject: Putting Thr Cart Befor The Horse


After receiving a mailing today from Amsat written by Richard Hambly.   I
find it imposable to keep quite any longer.   Has anyone heard of the
saying, putting the cart before the horse.   Amsat needs to finish at least
one of there present projects before moving on to what in the end may well
turn out to be a bunch of pipe dreams.   I am speaking of the Mars mission
and Geostationary packages.   One year ago I was told that Cubesat II would
be launched in the fall of 2007.   As far as I know very little is done yet.
Especially in the electronics end.   Don't get me wrong all these ideas are
great but lets get back to the basics and finish what we have started befor
taking on anything new or nothing  will get done.

Fred KF0AK 

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