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Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
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RS-14/AO-21 was not a satellite per say, but a package on a larger Russian satellite known as Informator 1. As I understand it, when the Russians were done with the satellite, they shut it down, which killed the amateur packages. Basically, it was beyond the amateur package owner's control, which was -not- AMSAT-NA by the way. I agree though, it'd be nice if it was still around, along with every other satellite we have lost. RIP AO-10, AO-13, AO-40, SO-35, RS10/11 and 12/13 especially!

It just goes to show that satellites are of a finite lifespan, and we must continue to build and launch to stay in the satellite business.

73, Drew KO4MA

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>According to the AMSAT Satellite Status page, RS-14/Oscar 21 was "switched
>Several things perplex me about that particular statement.
>Firstly...I understand the economic idea of not being able to afford
>something.  When it is swtiched off, is it a FOREVER one way switch...or is
>it similar to when a FAX machine sleeps...and wakes upon hearing a CNG tone?
>If it can be revived, why hasn't it?  If it could, is it a situation that
>could be lobbied for...?  AMSAT cites that it was too expensive to
>maintain.  Fine.  How about tranferring ground control to another entity.
>The only reason I'm curious about it is because I fondly remember how WELL
>RS14/Oscar 21 worked on simple equipment.  I had an Alinco DJ-120 and a
>Radio Shack scanner in college that worked pretty well with this bird the
>few times I got to play with it while it wa "ON".
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