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> I am looking for ideas to help form wire loops from wire that is already
> of larger diamater.
> I was thinking of making up a base board with some pulley wheels and feed
> the wire in.
> As it goes over the pulleys, a gentle pressure is applied and helps bend
> the wire into a smaller coil.
> I tried a bucket and failed misserably.
> Ideas ?
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> Andrew Rich VK4TEC
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Hi Andrew, VK4TEC

Your machine was normally used by amateur to form aluminum angulars
to get parabolic ribbons to be used in large parabolic EME dishes for 70 cm
and 23 cm.

The pressure applied over the central pulley depends on the material of the
wire to be formed.

Annealed aluminum or copper wires versus cold drawn aluminum or copper
wires requires completely different pressure applied over the central pulley
to get the material permanently stressed.

If your effort failed probaly your wire was cold drawn wire and not annealed

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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