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> My PL-259s were all silver-plated. So are the Ns, but they are not  
> crimp-on; I'll still have to solder them. The part that gets soldered  
> is of substantially lower mass than the PL-259, so hopefully it'll go  
> better. Sigh.
> -- 
> Rick

Hi Rick, 

A connector PL259s can be safely solderd only to the braid of coax
cables with solid dielectric like RG-213 and so on.

If your equipment uses a soket SO-329 to fit in to a PL259 it means
that for the specific frequency a low loss coax cable with lower 
dielectric mass like a foam  dielectric is not strictly necessary.

If you like to be happy using a low loss transmission line using foam
dielectric or other special low loss coax cables with lower dielectric
mass than you must replace the SO-239 in your radio with a panel
N/female connector.

It is impossible to have a barrel full of wine and the wife drunk.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico 

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