[amsat-bb] [Moon-net] [amsat -bb] Request for online sources of antenna modeling stuff

Glenda F. Andre glenda at n8kpl.net
Wed Dec 5 16:32:00 PST 2007

"Does your wife's prof know you are doing the leg work for her  
homework for her? :^)= - Dr. MEgacycle KK6MC/5"

Yes, he does.  STeve is the client, I am the consultant.  The object of
the assignment is the actual modeling and the paper that results from it,
not were the data or even the formulas came from.  It is how I apply them.
He has sent me a couple of links, himself.  (And he is also a Ham, which
helps.)  :-)

I want to extend my thanks to all that have responded.  I was having real
problems coming up with anything other than links on how to optimize NEC-2


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