[amsat-bb] Re: ANDE - ISS dual hop?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 5 09:06:00 PST 2007

Also the global APRS network that collects these packets and
feeds the two pages:  http://pcsat.aprs.org and
http://www.ariss.net is an inherrently designed dupe eliminator.
So if the packet is heard on the first hop, the second hop will
be ignored as far as the FINDU.COM data base is concerned.

So you have to either parse the entire live APRS data stream for
these packets, or look at your own TNC logs to see them.  

Bob, WB4APR 

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> Putting ISS first in the hop path seems to be the best
strategy since
> ISS is above ANDE and the ISS antenna is Earth facing. Since
ISS has a
> fairly high output, it is more likely to be heard by ANDE 
> than the other
> way around. The draw back is that since ANDE is much harder 
> to hear, one
> on the ground may not know if they had a successful hop 
> through ANDE if
> no one hears the relayed packet. 
> Kenneth - N5VHO
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> > Since ISS is unlikely to hear ANDE, why not 
> > be a bit more explicit and reduce the 
> > likelihood of the sat's packets colliding with 
> > each other... I'd use a path of:
> > APRS via RS0ISS-4,ANDE-1.
> Thanks Joe.  Yes, that is the best idea...
> But come to think of  it, ANDE does not have the best ears
> either...  Oh well.  Glad to hear ISS back up.  Maybe if
> can catch PCSAT-1 on a mid day sunny pass and ISS, they might
> get a double hop...
> Bob
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