[amsat-bb] Re: Performance of IC-471?

Richard Limebear Richard at g3rwl.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 02:14:15 PST 2007

KC4YLV wrote:

 > The reason I'm drawn to the 471 are its single band construction with 
robust filtering, I already have a mint 271a and think the 471 would 
match well. Can anybody comment as to the suitability and/or performance 
of the ol' 471 on satellite?

Excellent satellite rig; I still use one. One mod I did was to replace 
the front-end device. The rig comes with a 3SK48 but I replaced this 
with a BF981; its a straight drop-in replacement and needs no 
re-alignment. Its Q10 on the RF-YGR board. Ticklish to make sure you 
have the replacement device the right way round though; email me direct 
if you want deeper instructions. Claimed to give a 10dB gain improvement 
with a noise figure reduction of about 2.5dB overall. Only thing is I'm 
not sure if this device is still available (I did the mod in 1993).

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