[amsat-bb] 70cm Antenna Ident

David Fine dfine100 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 28 17:47:00 PDT 2007

Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer of a used 70cm crossed yagi that I picked up along with a Yaesu 5400B rotator system at a local hamfest.  The antenna has a  12 foot 5/8 inch square boom (in two pieces), 19 elements horizontal, 19 vertical uninsulated through the boom, and folded dipole driven elements.  There are two things that I believe make this antenna unique.  The coax attaches to the driven element with push-on crimp terminals (UGH), and the directors and reflectors are held in place on the boom with "W" shaped stainless steel spring clamps that are pressed over the boom.  The elements then pass through the clamps and the spring tension holds the elements in place.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks for the help.  W0DF

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