[amsat-bb] Re: Oscar 7

Scott Wilson s.wilson at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 09:29:30 PDT 2007

> Not many people on ao-7 and hamsat, usually only one or two other
> people.

I am waiting on a well-used older FT-817. It's probably not optimal, but
it's an all-mode 2m and 70cm rig. I guess these days it's the most
affordable (cheapest) all-mode setup. I'll just have to see if it serves
better on the TX side or RX side. Downside to TX is only 5W. Downside to
RX is that it's an early non-DSP model, so no NR, and limited SSB
filtering (if any?)

This will be paired with my IC-7000 which is 35W/50W with great DSP and
filters which has been working well on the FM sats.


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