[amsat-bb] Re: cross yagi phasing?

Martin tmm at trutter.dk
Mon Aug 27 08:47:31 PDT 2007

Hi Steve
Steve Attfield wrote:
> when doing a phase line for a crossed yagi to give it a circular
> polarization. how do you make sure that you have electrically 1/4
> wavelength of line? it strikes me that this would greatly matter or
> else the antenna wouldn't be fully circularly polarized.

I would say that it's as simple as multiplying the actual wavelength of the 
frequency you are making the antenna for, with the velocity factor of the 
cable. It's the length of the braid on the cable that's important.

More info on cross-phasing of yagis can be found on DK7ZB, Martin Steyer's 
homepage at http://dk7zb.fox28.de
Direct link: http://dk7zb.fox28.de/Cross-Yagi/crossyagi.htm

Good luck
OZ1TMM, Martin 

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