[amsat-bb] Re: KD6PAG Results of Southwest US grid square trip. --text follows this line--

John Mock KD6PAG kd6pag at amsat.org
Sun Aug 26 22:42:37 PDT 2007

from the trip as they don't count for awards i'm looking for.  However, i
would like it if someone i worked in DM06, DM83, DO30, EM15, EM28, EM45, 
EM69, EN16, FN02, FN10, FN30 and/or EN90 would work me at/near home soon, 
to reduce the amount of mail sent/received.

By the way, i forget to mention that there were a total of 18 grids worked.
on this trip from 39 different locations, making a total of 192 QSO's.

Cards were generated in both JPEG and PDF formats, so they would be web-
viewable, using homebrew PERL code.  So i'm printing these directly from
Firefox (via Acrobat reader).  The cards print onto 4x6" card stock and
are trimmed to postcard size, using non-photo blue to mark the cuts.  
(If you make your own cards, PLEASE cut them to postcard size!!)  

Without some automation, this would clearly be too much work (and not 
nearly enough fun).

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

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