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Bruce KK5DO at amsat.org
Fri Aug 24 16:39:00 PDT 2007

if people would not snip the part out of the original post, you would have seen in my next sentence that I said in the absence of computer control you always correct the higher of the two frequencies as that is the frequency affected most by doppler. It does not matter if that frequency is the tx or the rx, always the higher of the two.

rr on my daughter...boys, school, clothes and cd's take her money hihi
she went off to university last week...maybe if she gets a fully automated station at school we would hear from her more often.


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Bruce (a very influential and integral part of AMSAT) projected:

> As doppler affects
> both frequencies, they should both be corrected using computer control

But computer control may not be available in DX, mobile, remote, battery
power, "minimalist" or "emergency" situations.

Computer control is an advancement, it should not keep people off the
satellites. If everyone spouts "computer control" you will never give a
"newbie" the satellite bug.

I have a QSL card from Bruce's teen age daughter...Bruce, do you think she,
as a bona fide Ham Radio operator, has the personal finances available,
assuming she is saving for college, to put together a computer controlled
SSB satellite station? Why should she be kept off the linear birds because
she can only afford an inexpensive 435 SSB/CW rig and a preamp,
downconverter for 2 meters to 10? (BTW my 2 kids are licensed also but they
are 28 and 24 respectively.)

I believe there should be correction, but it does not HAVE to be "computer
controlled," it has to be on a best effort basis.

Roger (first Satellite contact on RS-6 & multi contacts keying an FM rig)

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> > this method of correcting for doppler is an incorrect practice. It might
> > be fine if you and your buddy are the only two on the satellite.  also,
> > notice you say 'you perfer', not the correct method. As doppler affects
> > both frequencies, they should both be corrected using computer control.
> Meaning: Keep the frequency at the satellite constant... Right?
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