[amsat-bb] Re: eggbeater II antenna performance oscar 50-52

Bruce Robertson broberts at mta.ca
Fri Aug 17 19:20:55 PDT 2007

Quoting KC2MHU <kc2mhu at ramsat.org>:

> I used a 70cm version for several years for satellite reception. I would
> recommend adding a preamp.
> Bob  KC2MHU
> Eric Fort wrote:
> > Can anyone here comment on the performance of the KO5E Eggbeater II
> antennas
> > for use on oscar 50-52.  Does anyone have personal experience with
> this
> > configuration?

Do I remember correctly that designs such as this are less circularly
polarized at the low elevations than they are overhead? If so, have you
considered the Lindenblad by Tony, AA2TX?

If you're building either antenna specifically for VO-52, you might
consider making it LHCP, which I believe is the polarization of the 2m
signal transmitted by Hamsat. (Tony reports that his RHCP design
nonetheless receives VO-52 well.)

A low noise preamp at the antenna will make a huge difference also at 145 MHz.

73, Bruce 

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