[amsat-bb] Re: keps for earthbound objects

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 13:30:19 PDT 2007

The antennas in this case are fixed, though a movable solution would be
nice.   the problem is how to get the tracking program to point the antennas
at a fixed spot and keep them pointed there.  I'm considering the assembly
of a sat-gate that will do double duty on sats and terrestrial work so the
antennas need to be able to "track" both types of targets.  notice the
quotes around "track"...ultimately I'd like to just specify an oblect (norad
catalogue number or lat/lon) remotely and have the antennas point and remain
pointed at the object as my station and/or the remote station (object)
moves.  Im thinking to just have the tracking program pull the right set of
keps....but I need to create them first!  I'm also open to ways to do this
in ways that may be easier.  suggestions are welcome.


On 8/13/07, Glenn Little WB4UIV <glennmaillist at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I guess that you have the rotor on a moveable platform such as a truck,
> spacecraft. watercraft, etc.
> The look angle to the fixed object is the reciprocal of the angle
> generated
> by the tracking program.
> It should work if the antennas are mounted 180 degrees from where they
> would normally be mounted.
> 73
> Glenn
>   At 05:13 AM 08/13/07, Eric Fort wrote:
> >at certain times I would like an automated az-el rotor run by predict to
> >"track" a fixed point on earth, say for instance a local mountain top.
> >could a set of keps be derived such that this just looks like yet another
> >satellite?  How would this be done?  Is there an easier way?
> >
> >
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