[amsat-bb] I: FO-29 operation sked

Francesco Grappi f.grappi at tin.it
Sat Aug 11 08:04:22 PDT 2007

Hi Masahiro, JN1GKZ

Thank you very much for informations regarding Fo-29 status,
....I hope that automatic UVC recover can restart to work on
automatic way. (fingers crossed)

Many thanks also to JARL commander team for your effort on this.

Francesco IW4DVZ  Italy

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FO-29 is semi-operational!

FO-29 battery is almost dead and automatic UVC recover function does
not work. This means transmitter will stop after eclips and wake up
command is needed to start transmit. In other words, FO-29 is
operational after sending wake up command by the JARL FO-29 command
station until eclips.

The command station was sending wake up command to FO-29 one or tow
orbits every day in this week. The signal is very clear. Some orbits,
the transponder was shutoff by the command station before LOS. And
another orbits, the transponder remained in operational.

The command station announced the following operation schedule. Part
of EU, AF, NA and SA stations will have chances to work FO-29.
  11 Aug  from 0343z  to eclips
          from 0528z  to eclips
  12 Aug  from 0432z  to eclips

Please keep downlink siganl weaker than the beacon.

The wake up command is sending by manual in this moment. I thank the
command station for FO-29 control.

Masa  JN1GKZ   Tokyo Japan

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