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Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Mon Aug 6 03:23:46 PDT 2007

Hi John...

Thank you for answering my questions, I now have an understanding of your
basis for believing that the timer no longer functions or is random at best.

I am now willing to wait quietly for the Eclipse-free date. Has it been
estimated or calculated?

Many thanks!


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> Hello Kevin, Roger,
>                           Kevin, I'm glad you dug out one of my earlier
> posts re: the timer issue.
> (Roger, I'm the chappie the >>>>'s are referring to in the following
> <http://www.amsat.org/amsat/archive/amsat-bb/200601/msg00455.html>
> Like I already mentioned ... and Kevin repeats ... it's no big deal, lets
> just wait and see.
> If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, no harm done. Lets not waste anymore bandwidth on
> it ok? ...
> however, Roger, it would be impolite of me not to answer you questions.
> >I would love to hear your version of what will happen when there is a
> >of eclipse for the satellite
> As I previously mentioned, I would expect the satellite to remain in the
> mode it was in as it came out of eclipse. As I also mentioned, I would
> corrected if that doesn't happen ... ie ... it is
> not !!! a big deal and if I'm wrong ... I'm wrong ... no harm done.
> Please note that I am *NOT* the first AO-7 operator to come to this
> conclusion.
> >Are you saying AO-7 went up without a timer?
> No ... I'm not saying that, I am saying that the designer and constructor
> the apparatus in question told me that the components used were not as
> stated in the 1974 newsletter.
> <Are you saying the timer is no longer functioning?
> I have said earlier and am saying now !!! ... that the timer functions
> PERIODICALLY ... as can be seen by the entries in the log for the last 3
> years ... (monitored by myself).
> Perhaps a re-read of my original mail might be of value here?.
> The intent ... to make a simple observation for the benefit of those who
> don't necessarily follow the daily "doings" of AO-7 like I do.
> Nothing more - nothing less. No form of criticism to anybody or anything
> offered or implied.
> >how is it you determined that the timer is no longer "in the mix?"
> By monitoring the satellite daily for the last 3 years.
> >If AO-7 comes out it's "final" eclipse in Mode A, will it stay there?.
> Who knows !!! ... I certainly don't. I think the real experts all agree
> it *random* ... the reasons are many and varied ... *NOT* just temerature
> and age.
> CC'd to interested parties.
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