[amsat-bb] Portable Operations from FM18uo

Eric H Christensen eric at christensenplace.us
Fri Aug 3 10:30:29 PDT 2007

I'll be headed to FM18 for the weekend and I threw my FT-51R, my arrow antenna, and my tripod in the trunk of the car.  I just mapped out all the passes for SO-50, AO-27, and AO-51 (V/U mode) and calculated passes that were during my "awake" hours and that were at least 20-degrees above the horizon at maximum (not saying I won't try the others) and came up with this list:

04Aug07 | 14:35z | SO-50
04Aug07 | 18:54z | AO-27
04Aug07 | 20:33z | AO-27
05Aug07 | 13:22z | AO-51
05Aug07 | 15:05z | SO-50
05Aug07 | 18:27z | AO-27

I'll try to be on the air on these passes short of being in a kayak or in the pool at the time.  :)  Hope to hear you guys.

Eric W4OTN
AMSAT Area Coordinator

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