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Bob is planning a new L/S redesign.  Before I pick up my  hack saw I would 
like some opinions/advice etc.  The dish-a 54X48 inch  prime star. The feed -a s
hort helix for L & S side by side in line with  the fan pattern. 

Hello Bob.
If you mount them side by side, there will be a compromise as there is only  
one focal point.
The concentric feed can be made to work as long as you have some filters to  
keep the 1.3G signal out of the 2.4G RX.
Here is a good page on the topic.   
_http://www.g3wdg.free-online.co.uk/dual.htm_ (http://www.g3wdg.free-online.co.uk/dual.htm) 
David  G0MRF

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