[amsat-bb] Re: YES !! RS-15 is alive !

Matt vk2dag at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 29 16:53:56 PDT 2006

Beacon was quite strong last night (RS-15 was in sunlight).  All the 
beacon did was to send a carrier every 4 and half seconds that lasted 
for 1 second, and it shifted in freq down by about 100 Hz (watched it 
on Spectran).  The freq shift I guess is from not having enough power 
to drive everything.  Beacon comes on - transponder comes on - 
satellite dies - beacon comes on - transponder etc.......

I tried to uplink with as much grunt as I can muster, 100w into 22 
ele X yagi switchable, but nothing.  I'll have a few more shots at it 
and see how it goes.

>YES !! RS-15 is alive !

>73, Pedro LU7ABF lu7abf at amsat.org.ar

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