[amsat-bb] Correction : HITSAT CW telemetry format update

Mineo Wakita ei7m-wkt at asahi-net.or.jp
Fri Sep 29 04:39:46 PDT 2006

HIT1 Bureau call sign : JR8YJT
HIT2 Absolute time information : [A]Month,[BB]Day,[CC]hour,
HIT3 Each temperature information : [GG]+X face,[HH]-X face,[II]+Y face,
                                    [JJ]-Y face,[KK]+Z face,[LL]-Z face,
                                    [MM]temperature of wireless machine,
                                    [NN]temperature of battery
HIT4 Power supply information : [OO]Amount of 1st battery,
                                [PP]Amount of 2nd battery
HIT5 Amateur radio service : TNX[Callsign1],TNX[CallSign2],

Example : [A] 1...Jan, 9...Sep, a...Oct, b...Nov, C...Dec
          [BB] 1 - 31, [CC] 00 - 23, [DD] 00 - 59, [EE] 01-59
          [FF] RSSI(Receive Signal Strength Indication),
               change from hex to dec x, and y = x*5/255 [V]
               Maximum 2.15 [V]
               change from hex to dec x, and y = x*5/255 [V]
               and y*(-122.99)+214.94 = TEMP [C]
          [OO][PP] x/256*10 = E [V]
          [QQ][RR] x/256*5*1.212766 = E [V]

HIT2 9280221372A
HIT3 4C4B4F4C4D484A4B
HIT5 Comming Soon

     HIT2 Sep 28, 02:21:37 JST, RSSI 0.824[V]
     HIT3 +X 32.37[C], -X 34.77[C]
          +Y 25.17[C], -Y 32.37[C]
          +Z 29.47[C], -Z 41.98[C]
          temperature of wireless machine 37.18[V]
          temperature of battery 34.77[C]
     HIT4 Amount of 1st battery 7.54[V]
          Amount of 2nd battery 8.43[V]
          5V line 4.95[V], 5.5V line 5.35[V]

Name: Mineo Wakita / JE9PEL, JAMSAT member
Mail: ei7m-wkt at asahi-net.or.jp
URL : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/
QTH : Yokohama Japan, GL:pm95tj
Date: Sep 29, 2006

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