[amsat-bb] Sinclair Radio Labs A-2C08D

G. Beat gregory.beat at comcast.net
Thu Sep 28 14:54:09 PDT 2006

This orphan RF pre-amplifier (Model A-2C08D) landed on my door step.

It is a VHF (132 - 174 MHz) pre-amplifier that Sinclair Radio Labs 
(Tonawanda, NY) marketed in the 1970s.  Its a Manhattan style construction 
in a nice Pomona box :-)

Of course, this orphan does not work.  Chance that anyone may have a 
... likely a 4-pin FET ... before I open it up on the workbench next week?

Initial e-mail to current Sinclair went un-answered.  Phone call likely 
next, but I doubt they have the schematic for this old pre-amp on-file.


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