[amsat-bb] Re: YES !! RS-15 is alive !

SV1BSX sv1bsx at yahoo.gr
Thu Sep 28 09:14:43 PDT 2006

Hi Pedro & Group,

 Sorry, but I'm a little-bit distrustful with these "Good News".  Last 2
weeks I'm monitoring
RS-15 and I tryed several times (always in Sunlight), by using all possible
Uplink frequencies
(145.858-898 &  958-998) without success. A few mins ago I tryed also (after
your Email, orbit #48419). A big ZERO once again!

RS-15's beacon usually  is booming on my receiver and I'm thinking that
Beacon's output
Power is just 0.4 - 1.2 Watts, so the downlink signal should be "super" with
5 W (max) output of Linear Transponder downlink. Unfortunately that did not
happen. Never !  I remember my efforts at early '95, when this bird was new
and just 3-4 times I had heard my downlink signal very weak, with extremely
strong QSB and as I know that was common for all users.

Yesterday, looking for RS-15 reports around Internet I found very
interesting the following page, where Mike, KF4FDJ reports succesfull QSOs
with 4 other stations (end  February 2004).

 So we can't talking for RS-15 "reborn",  it was always out there
operational but definitely it is not  an "easy Bird".


( The above page is also very informative about the difficulties of RS-15 &
relationship between Beacon - Transponder's activation.)

 Several days ago Gary wrote about 100 KHz Uplink-frequency "jumping" Up,
but that is not confirmed now from you dr Pedro. If used 145.875 KHz for
your uplink , we have another scenario which says that, the frequency did
not "jump" but it's stable.  Strange.

 Well, I'm a little-bit confused with all..  I would like of course  to have
another Bird in good shape, but have we?
or it was just a random (& lucky) operation of RS-15, like a flashback and
in practice its an unreliable, non useful bird for the most Hams?

  I wonder... (but I've my fingers crossed & I wish you have right !)

73, Mak SV1BSX

PS: BTW you wrote about 25 W Uplink power. What is your EIRP?

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YES !! RS-15 is alive !

Reading a recent report on AMSAT-BB from Gary deMunbrun WA4RKS about RS-15,
move me to try. Tks Gary!

I tried on several passes, I always heard the intermitent carrier at 29.352,
but no repeat of my uplink, trying either on official 145.858-98 or on
suggested 145.958-98.

All of tries were made with RS-15 on her night. But today I gave her another
try. This time RS-15 was sunlight on a pass that lasted 20 minutes on
Sept-28 00:24 to 00:43 LU Time. I could uplink first CW and after SSB and
hear it back !!!!, despicte the fact that I'm only using 25 W from FT-736 on
2mts and a 2m turnstile !!

Frequencies I operate where: Uplink 145.875 , downlink 29.374 with good
signal return about s3.

Unfortunately no one to try a QSO. RS-15 is amazing, with 2000 Km height,
passes can last up to half an hour ! even earth coverage is quite broad !

So, looks that we have had a new child reborn, coming back to life from over
ten years ago.

You can find on http://www.amsat.org.ar RS-15 passes precalculated for your
location and on your time, for a quick RS-15 .

73, Pedro LU7ABF lu7abf at amsat.org.ar
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