[amsat-bb] Re: YES !! RS-15 is alive !

i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Thu Sep 28 08:40:38 PDT 2006

Hi Pedro, LU7ABF

To day september 28 orbit 48419 RS-15 was in full sunlight on a pass from
13:00 to 13:31 UTC with a max elevation for me of about 75° and a minimum
range of 2100 km.

The intermittent carrier of the beacon at 29.352 MHz went ON very strong
at elevation of about 10° receiving with my 10 meter turnstile.

With 100 watt in to a 7+7 element crossed yagi and uplinking in the listed
passband 145.858 -145.898 MHz nothing was heard in the downlink between
29.354 to 29.394 MHz except my own barely audible signal in the noise
originated by a unwanted mixing product between my TX/RX and infact I
was receiving USB in 10 meters but to be detectable I had to transmit LSB
and not USB as requested by the RS-15 non inverting transponder.

In addition no doppler was observed in my own signal that was  audible as
well when RS-15 was not in range.

In conclusion the carrier of the beacon was ON and intermittent and was
strong with the nominal doppler shift but the transponder over Europe was
not operational even in full sunlight.

Is alive RS-15 or not ?

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> YES !! RS-15 is alive !
> Reading a recent report on AMSAT-BB from Gary deMunbrun WA4RKS about
RS-15, move me to try. Tks Gary!
> I tried on several passes, I always heard the intermitent carrier at
29.352, but no repeat of my uplink, trying either on official 145.858-98 or
on suggested 145.958-98.
> All of tries were made with RS-15 on her night. But today I gave her
another try. This time RS-15 was sunlight on a pass that lasted 20 minutes
on Sept-28 00:24 to 00:43 LU Time. I could uplink first CW and after SSB and
hear it back !!!!, despicte the fact that I'm only using 25 W from FT-736 on
2mts and a 2m turnstile !!
> Frequencies I operate where: Uplink 145.875 , downlink 29.374 with good
signal return about s3.
> Unfortunately no one to try a QSO. RS-15 is amazing, with 2000 Km height,
passes can last up to half an hour ! even earth coverage is quite broad !
> So, looks that we have had a new child reborn, coming back to life from
over ten years ago.
> You can find on http://www.amsat.org.ar RS-15 passes precalculated for
your location and on your time, for a quick RS-15 .
> 73, Pedro LU7ABF lu7abf at amsat.org.ar

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