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Edward R. Cole al7eb at acsalaska.net
Wed Sep 27 18:47:03 PDT 2006

At 08:58 AM 9/27/2006 -0400, sco at sco-inc.com wrote:
>What do most folks use for a L Band uplink antenna?
>Les W4SCO


I am using two 45-element loop-yagis from Directive Systems.  I use a 60w
amp from KJ6KO that is reduced to 20w by the time it runs thru 150-feet of
7/8-inch Heliax.  Originally, I ran just one loop-yagi (20dBi gain - 12
foot boom) with about 10w from my DEMI 144/1268 Tx converter and that was
marginal on AO-40 mode-LS.

I use my antennas for terrestrial use on 1296, so they are mounted at
66-feet on a tower (inside my 2m-eme array - but also have az-el pointing).

These antennas are very popular among the VHF/UHF/microwave community and
are used up to 3456 MHz.
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