[amsat-bb] WiSP and GO-32 Problem

Ford, Steve, WB8IMY sford at arrl.org
Wed Sep 27 11:38:34 PDT 2006

I am sending this along on behalf of a ham who doesn't have access to the AMSAT-BB. He is having difficulty connecting to GO-32 using WiSP . . .
"Telemetry from AO-51 downloads perfectly with TLMecho. Data that other Hams have requested from GO-32 also downloads fine. But, when I request a file to be downloaded I get the 'connected to' message from the satellite and then my request is uplinked and the message 'Error-unknown kiss data type 0D' is sent back. Every time WISP sends up a request this comes back. Eventually I get a disconnect and it all starts over again. I have seen this message a few times when just monitoring the satellite downloads so other people must be having the same problem.
"I noticed I couldn't get connected to GO-32 on 145.850 or 145.890. I used 145.930. Does the satellite use all three simultaneously?"
If anyone has any helpful advice, I'll forward it along.
Thanks and 73 . . . Steve, WB8IMY


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