[amsat-bb] Re: Why do the amsats get more and more complex?

Robert Oler cvn65vf94 at msn.com
Sun Sep 24 19:52:14 PDT 2006


This is a classic argument. Let's step into a time machine for a moment..."

here is the problem with your point.  I agree that technical advancement is 
important...but to have technical advancement for no real purpose isnt.

Unlike most of the modes you mention, amateur satellite communications has 
really "not" caught on in the amateur community.

A main reason is that there is not a dependable reliable source of high 
altitude (or even low altitude) satellites that are the essential 
part(perhaps the ultimate part) of the equation.

Imagine if there were the same number of amateur FM repeaters as their are 
linear transponders on amateur radio satellites.

Do you think we would have gotten much past tube strip line radios?

I dont.

Robert Oler WB5MZO/5

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