[amsat-bb] Re: Eagle and emergency traffic (was Re: Galileointerference on L band)

Arthur Feller afeller at ieee.org
Sun Sep 24 16:05:30 PDT 2006

At 05:25 PM 24-09-2006, George Henry wrote:
>Semantics aside, I pointed out that at least one of those NGOs (the American
>Red Cross) has poured tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars into a
>commercial satellite internet solution, likely rendering our efforts to
>eventually meet that same want, obsolete.

I've operated the Red Cross system VSAT system.  It's good, 2 or 4 
Mbps service with a DHCP server or fixed IP address available as part 
of the radio package.  They use the service [1] to extend the data 
network supporting the in-house IP telephone system and computer 
system and [2] to operate land mobile base stations remotely.  Works 
very well, once it's going.  (Let save third party traffic and 
cyphers for another time.)

At the same time, the Red Cross system is anything but 
nimble.  Deployment from a limited stock of equipment can take days 
for shipment (problematic into disaster areas) and hours to get into 
service.  With some pre-assembly, once on site, a good crew of two 
well trained technicians can get one of the Red Cross VSAT stations 
on the air in an hour or two.  Finding the well trained technicians 
is another problem.

In essence, the Red Cross' major issues are quantity, transportation, 
and training.

Hams usually have big advantages in all three areas.

If all we can deliver is short lead time 250 kbps service for 18 
hours a day, they'll be very happy, indeed.

73, art.....
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