[amsat-bb] Re: Eagle and emergency traffic (was Re: Galileointerference on L band)

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
Sat Sep 23 15:08:21 PDT 2006

Why would it be available for only short periods? Eagle is a HEO.



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>> The other
>> impetus for 256 kbps is that NGOs need it for emergency data
>> communications.
>> Another use could be to provide an SSTV-like service, but with
>> high-resolution images.
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> Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't AO-51 made available 
> for
> disaster communications after the Christmas tsunami, yet NOT ONE piece of
> disaster traffic was ever passed on it?  Was ANY disaster traffic ever
> passed on any of our satellites after Katrina?  Yet, how many hundreds or
> thousands of messages were passed on HF and 2 meters?
> Why?  Because HF and 2 meter nets work 24/7, and no emergency agency,
> whether governmental or NGO, wants to wait for a satellite to come over 
> the
> horizon to pass their traffic.
> Until such time as we have either a fleet of HEOs (or a geostationary
> satellite) providing 24/7 access (at least 15 years off), I have to
> seriously question how useful any NGO would find a 256kbps data link 
> that's
> only available a few times a day, and for relatively short periods of
> time.........  especially when the Red Cross disaster response vehicle 
> that
> was at our hamfest has a ZERO-SETUP, instant-on, 24/7 high-speed satellite
> internet connection (HughesNet, I think), with both CAT5e and WiFi
> connection sharing.  I believe SATERN either has, or is looking at, the 
> same
> type of setup.
> Has the design team received any input from the NGOs on this emergency 
> data
> "need"?  If so, please share it.
> (and while I have the floor, it's "lose" and "losing", not "loose" or
> "loosing"....  and don't even get me started on "there", "their", and
> "they're"!
> We're supposed to be COMMUNICATORS, for God's sake!)
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