[amsat-bb] HITSAT reception

Andythomas 70374.440 at compuserve.com
Sat Sep 23 13:02:29 PDT 2006

Just to confirm my reception earlier this eveing of a fragment of

I have a very basic setup here - this should inspire people to listen out
for these cubesats.

I have only a AOR8000 hand/held scanner for cw at 70cm and I built my own
70cm RHCP 6 ele yagi (no preamp). I predicted the az and el of the pass
using object A keps and at 17:38:25 utc on 437.8125 CW (and dopplering
down) recorded a .wav file to transcribe later as:

0d4d4f (maybe "g")



This compares well with more competent reports  (DK3WN)!!

The cw decode from the Hitsat website gives me:

Element set        decode               received
EE                      temp. w face            0d
DD                     temp w face             4d
GG                     temp x face              4f
HH                     temp x face
II                         temp y face
JJ                       temp y face
KK                      TX temp
LL                      battery temp             4c

Don't know what units these elements are in though.
So there we are, modest equipment, can read the housekeeping data from
Hitsat! I've sent a WAV file to the command team, if they can make sense of

andy g0sfj

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