[amsat-bb] Re: Galileo interference on L band

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
Sat Sep 23 07:05:31 PDT 2006

Remember that the purpose of the digital modes on Eagle is different from 
PACSATs. The object of the ACP is to make a HEO EasySat that provides 
worldwide communications with smaller antennas. Class 1 provides a 
PSK31-like service with small, fixed antennas on the ground. Since it's U/V 
and most amateurs have PCs, most will probably be able to use it. However 
the real reason is to make AMSAT satellites available to more people at a 
lower ground station cost and also make them easier to use from remote 
locations. Class 2 provides digital voice and data with smaller rotatable 
antennas than needed today so it allows hams with limited space to use the 
satellite. It also makes portable stations smaller. Class 3 just allows 
larger ground stations to do more things -- with bigger antennas and more 
uplink power they can push more bits through the same hardware as class 2 



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> On 22 Sep 2006 at 22:40, John B. Stephensen wrote:
>> The digital mode is not dominant as Eagle is to provide simultaneous 
>> analog
>> and digital service.>
>>As far as I can tell, AMSAT has put the linear transponders that the
>> majority of its members wanted on each phase 3 satellite. Adding digital
>> services that the rest of the world is using seems likely to attract more
>> members than continuing with the same old strategy.
>> 73,
>> John
> My dear Mr Stephenson ESQ
> There is also a lot of cube sats in the making who will also carry on 
> digital capabilities but for
> the sake of the AMSAT'S Can we let them carry on a simple satellite where 
> you and me can discuss of
> you ideas.  As you and me are also aware it is not all the satellite 
> community who can use digital
> modes.
> On the rest i agree with you but it seems there is not enough space 
> available in Eagle and i'm
> afraid many will missed the train. I think P3E will have some sort of 
> digital system.
> "-"
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