[amsat-bb] Re: RS-15 satellite.

SV1BSX sv1bsx at yahoo.gr
Sat Sep 23 00:20:38 PDT 2006

 Hi  Domenico, Garry & the Group

 today morning RS-15 was on excellent pass (orbit #48359) over my QTH.
At 04.47Z  it was over Nigeria with 7.5° El when I turned-on my HF.
The beacon was audible very clear, 55 on my TS-850 without
preamp - FD3 antenna ( 10m Band was very quietly and clear, ideal receiving

At 04.57 Z it was close to me and I tried a "shoot" on Uplink frequencies
between 145.958 - 998 (as Gary suggested ??), by covering continuously the
40 KHz bandwidth
again & again (unfortunately I have only 150 Watts EiPR this period).

Absolutely nothing heard it on DownLink (29.354-394).

I changed my frequency with standard Uplink of RS-15 and I tried again
145.858 - 898. Nothing again.

 I returned again onto Beacon frequancy and I surprised because the Beacon
was OFF! (05.00 Z).   RS-15 was overhead ( 88°).

 Between 05.00 -05.15 Z the pass was in very good range for my antenna (I 'm
completely "clear" at this direction) and I tried again several times in
both Uplink-zones
as abovementioned . Nothing again. Also the Beacon was OFF till LOS.

  I don't know if Garry's typeset was correct or not (144 and not 145 MHZ)
I believe like you Domenico, he wrote by wrong typeset 14(4) and not 145
  Unfortunately the bird did not correspond to me on 145 MHZ Uplink... even
if I used the 858-898 or 958-998 Uplink subzone.  Too bad !

I'm waiting Garry's reply for clarification about  144 or 145 and I will try

Have a nice weekend.

73, Mak SV1BSX

sv1bsx at yahoo.gr

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] RS-15 satellite.
> > I was reading recently about the status of RS-15 which was declared
> > semi-operational.  Nevertheless I thought I would give it a try.  I
> > sporadically hear the beacon and then try to access the transponder and
> > remained persistant in trying for several days, then about 3 days ago
> > I turned on my rig to try and forgot the uplink frequency and wrongly
> > entered 144.958 to 144.998 [rather than the listed uplink of 144.858 to
> > 144.898] and the transponder responded with the downlink still in the
> > listed range of 29.354-29.394.  I have continued to be able to get the
> > transponder to respond by useing the "wrong" uplink of  144.958-144.998.
> > I hope others will try the same as I sure would like to make some
> > rather than simply hearing my own signal.  Thanks.  Gary DeMunbrun
> > [ WA4RKS].
> Hi Gary, WA4RKS
> The listed frequency for the uplink Mode-A of RS-15 is 145.858 to
> 145.898 MHz and not as you writes 144.858 to 144.898 MHz
> Now if you wrongly entered 145.958 to 145.998 MHz (as I believe)
> and the transponder responded with the downlink still in the listed range
> 29.354 to 29.394 MHz it is possible that the local oscillator in the
> down-converter on board of RS-15 changed the nominal frequency
> increasing it by about 100 KHz because of crystal aging and this is
> possible.
> If instead you really entered 144.958 to 144.998 MHz as you writes for
> the uplink it is more difficult to accept that the local oscillator on
> down-converter decreases its nominal frequency by 900 KHz
> Anyway while listening RS-15 using your claimed anomalous uplink you
> should verify if you have doppler shift, if you have QSB, if you get the
> downlink only when RS-15 is in range or if you get your own signal at
> any time.
> In addition you should verify if transmitting in the anomalous uplink from
> 144.958 to 144.998 MHz you get your own signal from 29.354 to
> 29.394 MHz because of some unwanted mixing product between your
> For your information on 3 august 2006 at 13:33 UTC orbit 47788 I have
> received the 29.353 MHz beacon of RS-15 as a 4.5 sec. intermittent and
> unmodulated carrier with QSB but uplinking in the official listed
> range any attemp to get my downlink was unsuccesfull.
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico
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