[amsat-bb] Re: Why do the amsats get more and more complex?

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>Hi Bob, N4HY
>You said"
>> What will happen if the Galileo goes up is that no European airport will 
>> allow a commercial jetliner to land without the Galileo system.  This 
>> will inevitably lead to this basic system being in world wide use for 
>> navigational purposes.
>Does this imply that all 23 cm EME stations have to be moved away from
>1296 MHz ?
>> 73's
>> Bob
>> N4HY
>73" de
>i8CVS Domenico

Domenico and other interested folks,

Read what G3LTF has said about Galileo and 23cm EME:

He paints not quite so bad a picture as Bob and John do.  If you think a
handful of "potential" ham satellite users are potentially effected, the
large (2nd most popular EME band, today) 23cm EME population are watching
this keenly.  I have several thousand dollars invested in my future 23cm
EME station...and I will just been a medium size station.  There several
>10m EME dishes operating in Europe...those are not cheap.  I suspect Ham
radio on L-band will not go down without controversy and a significant
fight.  Yes, I understand the multi-B$ industry "owns" the radio spectrum,
but I think this is gotten a bit hysterical and negative in view.  I
suspect EME will survive on 23cm and perhaps satellite uplink use (with
some compromise).

At this point it is all speculation (even with engineering analysis).  I am
glad the decision is to fly a mode-L Rx.  I predict it will be usable in
the early years of Eagle (at least).
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