[amsat-bb] Re: Galileo interference on L band

David B. Toth ve3gyq at amsat.org
Fri Sep 22 09:58:49 PDT 2006

At 02:54 AM 9/22/2006, Bill Ress wrote:

>Yes - those are admirable desires but we can't engineer for "unknown" future
>events. It just bogs us down with worry that we might not make the right
>"guess." Instead, as I stated before, base decisions on the engineering
>facts as we know them today (available technology, size, power, space,
>resources, user needs, etc.) and let the future bring on whatever it has in
>store for us.
>If you can make arguments that L-Band won't work because of system
>engineering constraints or the mission objectives we have before us today -
>I can live with that. But lets take this Galileo "cloud" off the decision

Bill: I think one of the problems still is how to get a large enough 
L-band gain antenna on the satellite so that the ground station 
antennas don't end up being huge.
If I got that wrong, perhaps Bob McGwier and the team could correct 
me. If we cannot get a high gain system with reasonable beam-width 
(steerable vs. non-steerable) on the satellite, then the ground 
station antenna might be unwieldy compared to the higher frequencies.

Again, I may have misunderstood this point, so I could easily stand corrected.


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