[amsat-bb] HITSAT- latest info prior to launch 22Sep06 21:36UT

Ralph Wallio, W0RPK W0RPK at netINS.net
Fri Sep 22 07:18:23 PDT 2006

Hokkaido Institute of Technology HITSAT is scheduled for launch 22Sep06 21:36UT with Solar-B on
M-V-7.  See http://www.isas.jaxa.jp/e/countdown/index.shtml for real-time launch information.

See http://www.hit.ac.jp/~satori/hitsat/index-e.html and
http://showcase.netins.net/web/wallio/CubeSat.htm for more HITSAT information.

HITSAT call sign: JR8YJT
437.275 CW 100mW
437.425 FM/AFSK 1200bps AX.25 (initially only with HITSAT GS access)

See http://www.hit.ac.jp/~satori/hitsat/system/hitcom-e.htm for CW telemetry format.

HITSAT telemetry reception reports go to http://www.hit.ac.jp/~satori/hitsat/report.html via the
embedded form.

HITSAT RSS service will carry latest near real-time launch, separation and operation information. 
http://www.hit.ac.jp/~satori/hitsat/index-e.html to download HITSAT RSS READER.

Preliminary TLEs are not yet available but I have estimated first orbit AOS based on M-V-8 Cute1.7

Australia              T0+14min (power up?)
South America          T0+44min
East Coast USA         T0+64min
Midwest USA (W0RPK)    T0+67min
Alaska USA             T0+82min
HITSAT CGS             T0+95min

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, WØRPK
W0RPK at netINS.net
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