[amsat-bb] Other sources of L band QRM

jules@g0nzo.co.uk jules at g0nzo.co.uk
Thu Sep 21 12:44:52 PDT 2006

Here's a couple of snippets from this evenings AMSAT-BB digest.
Looks like these wireless cameras are going to cause problems to the Galileo
E5 service. Especially as a 200mW version is available on ebay for £15 (Yes,
they do actually generate that level of RF power!), there are going to be a
lot of them about!


Wireless 1.2 GHz cameras

I just picked up one of these little $60 cameras and am glad to
report that they are not in the Amateur Allocation.  They are 40
MHz wide each (4 channels) starting at 1060-1100, 1100-1140,
1140-1180, 1180-1220.  But I was impressed with their range.  An
easy 1000' with the supplied receiver.  My guess is about 5
milliwatts ERP.  The energy at the edges was more than 60 dB

Current publicly available Galileo documentation indicates that "Safety
of Life" services will be provided on  E5a/E5b (1164 to 1215 MHz)
downlink and the E2/L1/E1 (1559 to 1591 MHz)  downlink.  The E6 (1260 to
1300 MHz) downlink is designated for 'commercial services' and not the
aviation.  Thus, I am VERY curious why the interference to aircraft
navigation receivers is constantly brought up in this discussion as it
appears a non-player.

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