[amsat-bb] L Band Wireless Cameras.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 21 10:26:22 PDT 2006

Wireless 1.2 GHz cameras

I just picked up one of these little $60 cameras and am glad to
report that they are not in the Amateur Allocation.  They are 40
MHz wide each (4 channels) starting at 1060-1100, 1100-1140,
1140-1180, 1180-1220.  But I was impressed with their range.  An
easy 1000' with the supplied receiver.  My guess is about 5
milliwatts ERP.  The energy at the edges was more than 60 dB

We also got a 2.4 GHz camera, and I was surprised that
omni-to-omni, it too, did the 1000' LOS easily.  My spectrum
analyzer does not go high enough to see it.  But what impressed
me was that the little cameras did not appear to have any out-of
band spurs (though I could not look at 2.4 GHz which would be
the 2nd harmonic.)..

Doesn't mean much, but I did the test, so I thought I'd share

Bob, Wb4APR

Lets see,  I should be able to get 10 dB easy with a corner
reflector on both TX and RX and so I should be able to get 20 dB
link gain for point-to-point and extend that 1000' range to 2
miles (LOS only).  This is starting to look like its time to put
this baby up on the ole'water tower with a remote control link.
Do something like 15 dB gain antennas and this could be 5 miles
or so...

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