[amsat-bb] Re: Why do the amsats get more and more complex?

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at comcast.net
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I do not have a crystal ball and I would not presume to say that I know 
the ultimate outcome.  I can only say what I believe.   I believe 
strongly that if Galileo goes up and the safety of life services we 
envision are made mandatory for airplanes in the EU,  that amateur radio 
operators in Europe in particular will lose all of L band.  I believe 
this because the manufacturers will not want to have to provide highly 
selective front ends that will reduce the near/far problem to manageable 
levels.   There are simple laws of physics that dictate the nature, 
size, etc. to get these filters to operate with the required Q that will 
allow us to continue to aim thousand of watts into high gain antennas 
and point them up.   Possibly the aviation control bodies such as our 
FAA will force them to include them.  But the manufacturers will not do 
it willingly when only a few hams are in the way of a multi-billion 
dollar industry.

Again,  for the record, these are my opinions based on an understanding 
of what it will take to make them immune to interference from us.


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>> What will happen if the Galileo goes up is that no European airport will 
>> allow a commercial jetliner to land without the Galileo system.  This 
>> will inevitably lead to this basic system being in world wide use for 
>> navigational purposes.
> Does this imply that all 23 cm EME stations have to be moved away from
> 1296 MHz ?
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