[amsat-bb] The SSETI ESEO GTO project

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 20 12:44:20 PDT 2006

Hi All,

Just a quick update about the SSETI GTO satellite project.

It is still on track for a launch from Kourou in Nov 2008.

The planned AMSAT-UK U/S linear transponder is still on the manifest.
(We do not have any opportunity to change from this frequency selection)

The transponder is expected to have:
    an approx 50kHz bandwidth
    10 watts of RF output
    Selectable DSP/SDX and analogue signal paths
    a 400bps beacon
    linear antennas with not much more than zero gain

The satellite may not have good, long term, attitude control therefore:
    the antennas are being designed to work well even if the satellite is 
    the link budget is not as good as AO40 was nor as P3E will be:(
    circular polarisation of ground segment antennas will be needed.

Before we operate the system as an amateur transponder, it will be used as 
the initial main communications package for the reception of telecommands 
to, and for the transmission of telemetry and mission data from, the 
satellite - so it is quite important for the whole project:)

The Preliminary Design Review will be completed during next month and an 
engineering model of the satellite should be under construction early next 
year. Hopefully this process will be visible using the same webcam system as 
we were able to engineer during the SSETI Express construction.

The website http://www.sseti.net/ has lots of info about the SSETI 
program(me). Click on "missions" and ESEO for more details about their plans 
for their GTO satellite.

A full report on the SSETI Express launch last year, the SSETI ESEO project 
with the DSP transponder, and their SSETI ESMO (moon orbiter!) project will 
be provided at the upcoming AMSAT-NA Symposium.


Graham G3VZV

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