[amsat-bb] Problem with Wisp (View-Dir)

N6FO - Jim Cottle n6fo at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 19 20:17:20 PDT 2006

Hi there,

   I hope that this newbie issue is not too annoying. I have read the 
AMSAT digital guide, reinstalled WiSP on my Windows XP computer in the 
C:\  root directory and have successfully read and requested files from 
GO-32 (with success). Both GSC and MSPE seem to work as they should. Try 
as I might however, when I use the program View-Dir, I see NOTHING!. I 
know the files are there, because I can read them individually (like 
message files and the MSPE header file for the directory). They are also 
in their proper directory structures (for AO-51 and GO-32)
    Anyone out there have a clue as to why View-Dir in my installation 
cannot actually see the PHF (I think that is the extension) info in the 
directory file? Makes housekeeping impossible. Any clues or anyone else 
have this sort of issue that they eventually resolved? Thanks in advance.
    Feel free to email me directly, or respond here (as appropriate for 
others). I look forward to learning why View-Dir has such a peculiar 
issue on my installation. thanks again.

Many thanks to Dave G1OCN for help in navigating some annoying 
difficulties....THANKS ELMO..;).

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