[amsat-bb] Re: Why do the amsats get more and more complex?

Wayne Estes w9ae at charter.net
Tue Sep 19 13:01:37 PDT 2006

This discussion seems to have lost track of some essential facts:

1. Both P3E and Eagle *ARE* smaller and simpler than AO-40.
2. Both P3E and Eagle plan to have a U/V (Mode B) transponder.
3. Eagle plans to have a backup analog transponder path in case the 
software-defined transponder fails.

I'm not happy about the announcement that Eagle won't have a S-band 
downlink.  But the next HEO satellite, P3E, will have a S-band downlink. 
  The Eagle team might reconsider their decision *IF* the P3E S-band 
downlink proves to be useful and popular.  After all, at this point 
Eagle is just an idea - no satellite has been built yet.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik
Financial contributor to P3D, P3E, Eagle, and AO51 projects

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