[amsat-bb] Re: Why do the amsats get more and more complex?

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
Tue Sep 19 13:52:12 PDT 2006

There are schematics for Eagle posted in the EaglePedia portion of the 
AMSAT-NA web site.



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> Jason,
>   as a Amsat-NA President once told me, the builders do not
> get a "wow" out of  building the same old thing, they
> want something bleeding edge and new to pique their interest.
>  I believe this to be a true statement from him, and to a end, that
> is why the designers call the majority of the shots,they are the ones
> that are going to build it and it requires a much higher level of
> knowledge than the average ham , so they are one of the few
> games in town and they are only going to pick projects that
>  interest them.
>    This is also why I think you will not find layouts and
> schematics for previous xponders anywhere to be found.
>  If you did find schematics then even though a person is not
> technical enough to "design" one they might be skilled
> enough to "build" one and end the grip that the designers
> have over Amsat.
>  So for the foreseeable future the designers will call the shots
> and we users will be required to foot the bills.
>  I completely agree with you that a better course would be
> to build a Sat that is 2/3's old proven tech that has been refined
> to "built like a tank or a DC-3" status and with the last 1/3 the
> designers play ground.
>  Since over and over we are told how hard to get and costly
> a launch is (which I believe completely) then I would rather
> have time tested proven hardware that has a better chance
> of being around for a long time.
> But this is just my ramblings...
> 73
> Kevin WA6FWF
> Amsat-UK #6505
>> Wouldn't it be better to separate out some of the more experimental
>> stuff from the old standbys? That way a failure of one whole sat would
>> still leave something usable for the same money spent.  >
>> 73s,
>> Jason - N1XBP
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