[amsat-bb] Re: Why do the amsats get more and more complex?

Jason White jason at jason.white.name
Tue Sep 19 13:34:59 PDT 2006

Thanks to everyone who replied, and to those who may still reply. I 
suppose what I needed was a subtle shift in point of view and several 
people provided clear and relevant information which allowed it... I 
also was under-informed.. time to update my copy of the Satellite 
Experimenter's Handbook :)

What I was misinterpreting is the balance between "what we know works" 
and "new and experimental". I was under the impression that too much 
emphasis was being placed on the later, however with a bit of research 
spurred by the conversation it seems a bit more like ensuring operation 
by modest stations was a design characteristic of some of the newer sats.

I'm still a little skeptical of the SDR transponder, and I probably fall 
under the category of those who feel that maybe there should be an 
analog backup, but if it will help with "Alligatoring" I'm all for it 
(speaking as a small low-budget station..hihi)

There is a sort of paradigm shift when you stop thinking of a bird as a 
"repeater in the sky" and more as, for example, "a martian mission test 
bed (that also has some parts you get to play with)".

I think there is room for both "bleeding edge" and "old stand-by" 
technology in the amateur satellites, but perhaps my own personal bias 
tends to lean a bit more conservative in terms of how much of each the 
final mix should be.

As someone said, a model T may be reliable but would you want to drive 
one to work? Well, maybe not.. but I wouldn't want to commute in an F-16 
either! There's a good middle ground somewhere.

Thanks again for the good responses, they answered a lot of my questions.


Jason - N1XBP

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