[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51.....Fund-Raising Opportunity?

Armour, Randy (ITS) Randy.Armour at nashville.gov
Tue Sep 19 08:46:56 PDT 2006

I find myself again defending an idea authored by someone else.  Why?  Because it is an honorable attempt to advertise for the organization that provides this forum (the amsat-bb).  This is not an idea specific to AO-51, but a generic plan to increase exposure for Amsat.  AO-51 is only a suggested test platform to see if the "advertising" campaign produces favorable return.
I do not believe this idea for a fund raising opportunity has anything to do with a specific satellite, the raging S mode downlink debate, or the Board of Directors.
>From an outsider we can only see this uncontrolled administrative move as another lack of BOD
>management and supervision.
Mr. Honer is an individual, who may or may not be a member of Amsat himself that proposed an idea to the readers of amsat-bb.  His original thread says nothing about the BOD.
>Put your money where the needs are and in a logical way send your $ or S to P3E this way you will
>really promote the real ham SPIRIT not the politics...

The statement above sounds like a political statement for P3E.  Everyone should (and will) support whichever organizations and projects they feel meet their personal wishes.  Amsat-bb is the forum to lobby for a mode S downlink, or whatever mode someone may wish to support.  This particular thread is not the correct place to complain about the BOD or proposed modes on Eagle.
For the record... I am a new Amsat member.  I never have experienced AO-40 or any HEO satellite.  I am a member because of a random discovery that an "EasySat", like AO-51 can be worked with very limited equipment or expertise.  I have no technical knowledge to offer or deep pockets for generous donation.  Hopefully, this situation may change in the future, having discovered a fascinating and fun mode of operation.  I am thankful that many people have already volunteered their time and money to support these endeavors.  Mr. Honer seems to be simply offering an idea to support the hobby we all enjoy.
Randy Armour - KI4LMR


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On 18 Sep 2006 at 19:22, mike honer wrote:

 "How about $ending Amsat a thank-you note?"

> First goal would be to generate 100 new members or contributors.
> I am not a subscriber to the list, so please contact me at amhoner at rtmc.net with comments, criticisms, or offers to help.
> Thanks for the bandwidth.
> Mike Honer, W1BFN
> LM 2252

Can we do this for FO-29 and start a campaign for JAMSAT? another one for VO-52, another one for SO-
50, and what about individual who fund their own project with their own $?.

It was another BAD idea as many who are not AMSAT members anymore quit for this very same reason
BAD decisions made by AMSAT as this last one to cancelled S mode downlink on Eagle.

Implementing a near toll system for AO-51 users in contrary to the HAM spirit. I understand as you
said "I am not a subscriber to the list" but you are if you send this message and please read back
a bit some past thread on AMSAT-BB.

>From an outsider we can only see this uncontrolled administrative move as another lack of BOD
management and supervision.

As another one ask you what you will do with those who are ONLY funding a specific project?

Put your money where the needs are and in a logical way send your $ or S to P3E this way you will
really promote the real ham SPIRIT not the politics...

P.S. read more what the crowds are writing on this BB

The medium is the message...The content is the audience...;)

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