[amsat-bb] Re: S Band UP

G. Beat gregory.beat at comcast.net
Tue Sep 19 05:57:17 PDT 2006

Greg -

Many early satellite TVRO systems (cable head ends and early home users) - 
that used that used 10 foot BUD (Big Ugly Dish) used an IF of 70 MHz -- so 
reception of "S" band was fairly straight forward.

Problem with current commercial satellite transmit systems at your local 
gasoline station or car dealership (on their roof) -- is that these systems 
are largely at C or KU ----- and not S band.
(I was hoping for an L/S transponder on Eagle -- sounds like that is not 
happening -- left with P3E system).

I have not recently looked at the DEM or SSB Electronics offerings - but 2 m 
and 70 cm were their preferred rig frequencies.


>> Fri, 15 Sep 2006 21:42:35 -0700
>> "Greg D.", KO6TH
>> [amsat-bb] Re: S Band UP
>> To: amsat-bb
>> Are there any upconverters from 6 meters to 13cm?  Or, from 6m to 23cm?
>> My equipment for that band gets very little use (10w and a dipole is all 
>> I
>> have, and there's not much Es out here in the west).  That also solves 
>> the
>> problem with the downlink IFs, with 6m being neither of the popular ones.
>> I did some browsing and Googling, and didn't find anything.
>> Greg  KO6TH

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